Failing Well

The fear of failure maintains the status quo.  This is a problem as inertia ignores the one constant that defines our time – the rapid pace of change.  Companies that don’t adapt will eventually be overtaken by those that will. To deal with this, let’s separate the term failure from the costs associated with it.  If we can reduce the

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Increase Profits by Increasing Customer Surplus

How do I increase my profits? That’s something every company wants to do. Hi, I’m Steve Doyscher – Your outsourced CMO for hire. And the difference between the cost that it takes to get your goods and services to the marketplace, and the price that you’re asking for those goods and services is going to be your profit. Now, thinking

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Reframe Your Company’s Positioning With This Tool

Hi, I’m Steve Doyscher – Your outsourced CMO for hire. Today I’d like to talk with you a little bit about positioning. I’m going to share a tool with you that will help you differentiate yourself from your competition. It’s pretty simple. Two axes. An X axis and a y axis and each one of these is an attribute of your company. What I’m going to

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The Importance of Marketing

Why is my business losing? Unfortunately, this question is often asked too late. This scenario plays out all the time. You’re a business owner that has been successful for years. You have a great product or service and things go well. Your sales staff is hitting their numbers, operations seem good and your cash flow is solid. Then, inevitably, things taper

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