Hi, I’m Steve Doyscher – Your outsourced CMO for hire. Today I’d like to talk with you a little bit about positioning. I’m going to share a tool with you that will help you differentiate yourself from your competition. It’s pretty simple. Two axes. An X axis and a y axis and each one of these is an attribute of your company. What I’m going to share with you is how I’ve used this tool recently to help to differentiate a company that specialized in video and animation. Now, this particular company does really high quality work. On a scale of 0 to 10 they would rate themselves at about an 8 for quality.  Now the trick to using this tool is figuring out of all the people that do this kind of work, what is another attribute that is going to separate this particular company from all the competition that clientele would care about. The Y axis that we chose is the amount of creative control that the client had, not that the company had. Not that the producers of the video had. This is something a little bit different. As it turns out in this particular industry, the higher quality level that you get to, the more creative control that the production house or the people producing the video want to retain. So, with this particular company, they were very different in they allowed the end client to have as much creative control, as much input, as much collaborative space to work with as they wanted to. So, high quality with high creative control positioned them off and separated them from their competition.  I hope this is helpful for you. Thanks.

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