Integrated Marketing Plan

Clearly communicating your value is key to building revenue. Having 20 years of experience in delivering traditional and digital solutions, I’ll walk you through the entire marketing planning process. You will receive a strategic marketing plan that influences buyer behavior and enables your sales team to succeed.

Integrated Marketing Plan Outline

This is where the strategic rubber meets the tactical road.  Getting this right is critical.  It’s also complex.

Attention spans are short and the way people consume information is fragmented.  From cell phones to billboards, creative expression and messaging need to be on target to educate and persuade.  However, that is not enough.  All tactics need to be built with SEO goals in mind to help draw the digital universe to your door.  You need tracking on everything – web pages and emails, to phone lines and postcards.  This still only tells half the story.

To understand ROI you need tracking on how these efforts tie into sales revenue.  I will work with your team to implement true omnichannel campaigns (non-digital and digital) to understand the revenue impact of these efforts.

The finalized plan includes all efforts to include items such as:

  • Lead generation and lead nurture
  • SEO targeted content development
  • Social media
  • Event support
  • Campaign development
  • Sales training for campaign support

This detailed plan will serve as the roadmap to accomplish your goals.  All efforts including timelines, dependencies, milestones, and deadlines will be addressed.


Case Study:  B2B Company 25% Growth

Case Study:  B2C Company 25% Growth


Build Your Pipeline

Using automated marketing and social media, we can build a 24/7 pipeline to get new leads and increase conversions.

Increase Traffic

We will build a plan to get more people to your site.  Keyphrase-correct content, backlinks, and plain old site health is all part of the plan.

Enable Your Team

Integrated marketing means integrating your business functions as well as channels.  Your plan will ensure all stakeholders are up to speed and ready to go.

Let's work toward your growth goals together!