20 Years of Marketing Strategy and Digital Communication

Combining creativity with analysis is how I help companies succeed. I have spent 20 years relentlessly connecting new and disparate data points to solve the challenges faced in marketing – strategic and tactical. Because of this, I am equipped to find the correct solution and move fast.  

I deliver strategic and tactical direction that delivers growth. Of course, steady improvement requires data and information. I have extensive experience deriving actionable information from:

  • Internal ERPs and CRMs
  • Online clickstream data from UTMs, Google Analytics, and Social Metrics.
  • Primary research through custom surveys and interviews

I leverage this information to understand which products, services, and customers to strategically focus on.  This information also enables me to improve messaging and channel selection through A/B testing and multivariate testing. Continued improvement often means growing internal teams. I can help there, as well.

Anyone that has been on one of my teams can attest (references available) to my effectiveness as a coach. Having been a hands-on mentor for 10 years and a creative professional for 20 years, I have extensive knowledge to share in the development of video, animation, landing pages, websites, emails and automated marketing, blogs, SEO, SEM, broadcast, outdoor, and events.    

Need help with research, strategy, branding, and positioning?  

Do you feel you could do more if you had someone to help interpret all of the data you’re flooded with?

Do you want an enthusiastic partner who can help with creative ideas and integrated communications planning?

Want someone that can help you grow your teams to deliver on everything modern marketing has to offer?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I can definitely help you. Call me today at 651.788.5012 or schedule a time to talk. I look forward to speaking with you.


Carlson (U of M)
Ranked #33 in the Nation