Marketing Strategy

Your strategy determines everything you will do to accomplish your goals so it’s important to know you are receiving the best guidance from your strategic partner.  Several types of marketing exist – digital marketing, direct marketing, and inbound marketing to name a few.  However, your company’s success shouldn’t hinge on these tools alone.

I excel in developing strategy because I combine strong business acumen with experience to dig deeper than specializing in promotional arenas alone.  I am a solid partner who understands all the larger marketing levers used to grow businesses, as well as how to effectively pull them.

Marketing Strategy Outline

We develop a fine point on where we will strategically position you in the marketplace. Your brand will be leveraged to deliver meaning, purpose, and value. This is crucial for engaging potential customers at scale when they are first looking for a solution and are unfamiliar with your company. It’s also a requirement to create raving fans.

In this phase, I will travel to your location for a full-day structured meeting with your leadership team. This is a working session that utilizes the information gained from research (a prerequisite*) to discuss strategy development. Topics include:

  • Definition of marketplace positioning for your company
  • Creating a brand that works for your company and your targets
  • Customer segmentation and definition
  • Revenue issues and solutions
  • Culture and change management to leverage new tools
  • Identification and prioritization of goals
  • Budget development to reflect your company priorities

The meeting is filled with exercises and frameworks that are both engaging and rewarding.  At the end of the day, you will have a much better handle on intentionally presenting your company to the market.

I will then analyze information gathered at the meeting and distill it into a strategic plan to bolster your brand, claim your new position, prioritize your goals and align your budget accordingly.


Case Study:  B2B Company 25% Growth

Case Study:  B2C Company 25% Growth


Corporate Level Strategy

Taking information from the audit process, we can determine what to focus on in your marketing plan.

Branding and Positioning

We will distill who exactly your company is, and why your target audiences should care.

Revenue Growth

Determine the path for sales and marketing to accelerate revenue growth.

Let's work toward your growth goals together!