B2C Marketing Growth Case Study

The Challenge

B2C company needed to increase its rate of revenue growth.

The Outcome

Using multiple channels, the rate of revenue growth was definitely increased. At the end of year one, revenue increased by 25%.  At the end of year two, it increased by 31%.

Percent Growth

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Recommendation from Bryan Delmont, General Manager

The Solutions

To deliver for this client, I needed to differentiate them from the competition in a seemingly commoditized industry.  I began by auditing the company, interviewing leaders and employees alike. What I found was a very strong culture of service, teamwork, and genuine interest in customer satisfaction. Additionally, I learned how they delivered service to understand concrete reasons customers would opt to use them.



I found a strong point of value in how the client delivered their services. I productized this service by creating a name that the client trademarked. I then created a 15-second television ad that focused squarely on this benefit. The immediate customer response was so powerful that competition tried to copy this concept.

A few months later, I found another solid point of high value in their service delivery.  We refined and packaged this service under a new trademarked name. I created a new 15-second ad that received a response as strong as the first campaign.     

I also developed a series of television ads to build awareness and connect with consumers.  These ads featured a cute animated dog in different situations that required the client’s services. The ads were so well received that viewers called the client saying how much they enjoyed them.



I then developed a theme and concept for billboards that kept the client’s brand top of mind and gently reminded people that the client’s services could keep them comfortable.  The billboards for this “Rest Easy” campaign can still be seen around the Twin Cities today.



A new website was created to differentiate the brand and encourage user conversion. I also gave prominent exposure to the client’s new popular productized services showcased in the television ads.  SEO and paid advertising were high priorities for the new website. Consequently, I guided our team to deliver solid results in organic and paid traffic.


Direct Marketing

Multiple channels were used to build awareness, engagement, and loyalty.  I developed strategies and oversaw the development of omnichannel campaigns that used social media, email, and direct mail.