B2B & B2C Marketing & Digital Marketing Team Creation Case Study

The Challenge

The company needed brand refinement, increased online presence, and a team capable of digital marketing.  

The Outcome

New Team

The company now has a high-performing digital marketing team excelling in search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, social media, email marketing, and e-commerce.  

Website Gains

Exciting results were seen as the new SEO, blogs, and product pages were introduced.

Dollars of Quote Requests in 6 Weeks - Up from Zero
Organic Traffic Up
Website Engagement Up

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The Solutions

This company’s brand needed revamping as the look and messaging of all materials didn’t reflect the values and value proposition of the company. I traveled to 10 locations across the country to learn from staff and customers what made the company successful. I then worked with leadership to create a sharp definition of the brand and unmistakable position in the marketplace. With positioning in hand, new brand standards to include a new color palette and font set were created.


E-commerce Website

The company’s website was clearly outdated and needed to be rebuilt from the ground up. As I was sharpening the positioning of the company, I worked on the development of the sitemap and wireframes for a new website. By the time the positioning was finished, I had the blueprint for the new site ready. I worked cross-functionally to vet out a suitable website agency.  Construction began shortly afterward.

Completing this website was a multifaceted challenge as I worked as strategist, vendor negotiator, creative director, copywriter, videographer, front end designer, and project manager.  This was a complex project as, in addition to proper branding, this site needed to move people seamlessly from initial brand exploration to checkout. To do so meant navigation of pricing, 10 locations and thousands of products.  


Team development

At the onset, the internal marketing and product teams’ focus was almost entirely based on sell sheets, a biweekly newsletter, and supporting trade shows. The team members clearly needed to grow into well-defined roles that would support the company’s needs. So, I began an internal training program:

  1. Personally train everyone on digital marketing to include SEO, SEM, emails, blogs, social media, landing pages and video.
  2. Augment training in these topics with structured coursework from a training partner.
  3. Support the team with tool-specific training to succeed.

As the marketing team was being trained, I worked with the product team and suppliers to develop campaigns to increase revenue. These campaigns used all of the aforementioned digital tactics. Additionally, workflows and training were implemented to activate the sales staff.